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61 side concerts for SAHMs

More people than ever are working from home. (A third full of the American workforce.) Businesses are increasingly comfortable with jobs for stay-at-home moms and other home-based jobs. The best part? Google’s home job search recently evolved into Einstein status. Simple Google “remote” + [JOB TITLE] + “jobs”. Click on “search”. Then click on the blue jobs bar.

You’ll find dozens of the best side jobs for stay-at-home moms (and jobs for pregnant women). We pulled 61 incredible opportunities. Payment information is sourced from Glassdoor. If you are Well you will earn more. If you’re looking for mom-friendly coaching work that can help you generate extra income, start here.

Here are 61 of the best side jobs for stay-at-home moms.


One of the most popular and best jobs for moms with young children? Home daycare. If you like to provide activities and more kids means more fun, this isn’t a bad option.

1. Home daycare. In rural areas, these jobs for stay-at-home moms pay more than $ 20 per child per day. It’s more in the cities. Salary: $ 27,430

2. Babysitter. Not in the full-fledged daycare? Make a shout on Facebook for these part time jobs for moms. Salary: $ 18,000


If you can type, you can probably do a lot more. But, typing jobs for stay-at-home moms is easy if you have the skills.

3. Typist. You will need at least 40 WPM for these stay-at-home mom jobs. Test your speed for free on KeyHero. Salary: $ 27,430

4. Data entry. These stay-at-home mom jobs require good 10 Keys and Qwerty skills. Salary: $ 31,153

5. Legal transcriptionist. Type in the provisions and legal terms for these SAHM jobs. Salary: $ 28,570

6. Law Enforcement Transcriptionist. Learn the police codes and terms on the fly for these legitimate work from home jobs for moms. Salary: $ 28,570

7. Medical transcriptionist. You can find good mom jobs by typing in DoctorSpeak if you can learn the terms. Salary: $ 28,570


These are easy to get and do.

8. Telephone survey leader. Call people home and ask questions. Compensation: $ 27,099

9. Telemarketer. You will need a phone and guts. And you have both. Compensation: $ 25,969

10. Call center representative. Do you know those radio commercials with the 800 numbers? These part-time jobs for moms answer it. Compensation: $ 32,214

11. Customer service. More fun than working in a call center. Requires product knowledge. Salary: $ 34,780

12. Distributor. Taxis, trucks and police cars need to know where to go. That means more stay at home mom jobs for you. Compensation: $ 37,112


If you are a good teacher, you can find high paying teaching and tutoring jobs online.

13. Online tutor. If you are good at any field, these make great home jobs for moms. If you are good you will earn more than the median. Compensation: $ 25,500

14. Test corrector. You won’t find these flexible jobs for moms in search sites. Instead, contact schools and teachers directly. Compensation: $ 24,380

15. ESL teacher. There are many great jobs online for stay at home moms who teach English. Compensation: $ 54,337


Do you have grammar and writing skills? These home jobs for writer / editor / blogger moms could be your next chapter.

16. Proofreader. Spelling and grammar check. In addition, you will make your children champions of spelling. Compensation: $ 36,290

17. Copy editor. Check grammar, spelling, facts and research with these online jobs for moms. Salary: $ 45,506

18. Content creator. Jobs for moms who can blog and write. Salary: $ 54,455

19. Editor. Google has tons of remote jobs for moms who can handle writers. Compensation: $ 61,655

20. Journalist. This one takes a long time to develop and you won’t find it on construction sites. Join a professional association like ASJA. Compensation: $ 45,925


If you’ve got your head for the code, these might be for you.

21. Helpdesk worker / Office support. Help the non-techies to jump through the hoops. Salary: $ 43,835

22. Computer scientist. As a CS you can do any of the stay at home mom jobs below. Compensation: $ 109,075

23. Computer programmer. Can you write code or learn to do it? These are great online home jobs. Compensation: $ 64,719

24. Software engineer. Also “software developer”. It’s more than programming because you design the applications. Salary: $ 104,463

25. Web developer. Jobs for stay-at-home moms that create website backends pay a huge amount of money. Compensation: $ 88,488

26. Web designer. Create the form of sites and apps for those home jobs for moms. Compensation: $ 56,143

27. UX designer and user interface developer. Make websites play well with users. Compensation: $ 97,460

28. SQL Developer. Write code to store and retrieve data for websites. Compensation: $ 81,714

29. DevOps Engineer. Someone’s got to be driving the big train of web development wagons west. It could be you. Compensation: $ 138,378

Artistic roles

Are you an artistic mom? Try these creative stay at home mom jobs.

30. Graphic designer. If you are good at graphics, you will find plenty of home jobs for moms here. Compensation: $ 48,256

31. Video editor. Turn raw footage into a beautiful product with Adobe Premiere. Compensation: $ 46,274

32. Musician. If you have the skills, you can find these jobs for stay at home moms on Google. Salary: $ 40,000

33. Computer animator. These home jobs for moms are sourced from networks, not job search websites. Salary: $ 61,000


Many marketing teams rely on distant talents like you.

34. Social media specialist / manager. If you can handle Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you can be a work-at-home mom. Salary: $ 54,500

35. SEO specialist. It’s all about keywords and search intent. Compensation: $ 66,848

36. Marketing specialist. These home jobs for moms turn heads to make money. Compensation: $ 42,153

37. Marketing manager. If you can lead a marketing team, you can find hundreds of working from home mom jobs online. Compensation: $ 93,125

To research

Are you a top-notch internet sleuth who can put it all together?

38. Researcher. Dig, pull facts, and help your boss see the forest through decision trees. Compensation: $ 61,085

39. Research assistant. Are you a beginner? Try jobs for stay-at-home moms who help the principal investigator. Salary: $ 30,647

Accounting + finance

Do you have a CPA license or are you good with the numbers? Try out these stay at home mom jobs.

40. Accountant. These SAHM jobs require a CPA license. If you don’t already have one, go your way. Compensation: $ 55,202

41. Bookkeeper. No license. Keep track of the money. These home jobs for moms are everywhere. Salary: $ 34,677


If you are really good for massaging data, these jobs for stay-at-home moms may be suitable.

42. Business analyst. For those stay-at-home mom jobs, speak the truth to power with hard data skills. Compensation: $ 70,170

43. Data analyst. Use big data tools like Hadoop or Cloudera to see what’s really going on in a world of numbers. Compensation: $ 65,470

44. Financial analyst. If you do not yet have a CFA certification, it is prohibited. Compensation: $ 63,829

45. Actuary. Insurance companies hire stay-at-home moms who force numbers to sit and beg. Compensation: $ 107,598

46. ​​Biostatistician. Health care also needs statisticians. Lots of SAHM jobs here. Some do it with less. Salary: $ 92,426


If you’re not already an engineer, you won’t find many home jobs for moms in this part. Do you already have a diploma? Try these.

47. Assistant engineer. Do you understand the way things work? You can get SAHM jobs here with an associate degree. Salary: $ 68,000

48. Engineer. Google a specific + “remote” engineer job to find tons of these jobs for stay-at-home moms. Compensation: $ 77,182

49. Mechanical engineer. Do you have your mechanical engineering degree but want to be a stay-at-home mom? Compensation: $ 73,016

50. Civil engineer. Yes, there are tons of remote CE positions that work like stay-at-home mom jobs. Compensation: $ 68,638

51. Electrical engineer. If you have the training, you can also find home jobs for moms here. Compensation: $ 83,088

Health care

You need a license for these.

52. Nurse / Doctor teleworking. If you are licensed, you can do so as a stay at home mom. Compensation: $ 76,710 to $ 300,000

53. Massage therapist. Welcome customers to your home and work your magic if you have a state license. Also try reiki practitioner and aromatherapist. Compensation: $ 45,408

54. Mental health counselor. Online therapy is one thing and works like SAHM jobs. Compensation: $ 45,449

55. Drug addiction counselor. Lots of home jobs for moms online in this field. Salary: $ 37,762

56. Marriage counselor. Rural couples love not to drive. This creates online jobs for moms. Salary: $ 53,000


Need a few other SAHM jobs with minimal training?

57. Virtual assistant. Basically an online secretary. Good unskilled housewife jobs. Salary: $ 22,000

58. Recruiter. Many are sneaky, but you don’t have to be. Compensation: $ 49,712

59. Translator. If you are fluent, Google “remote translator jobs” to find many legitimate SAHM jobs. Compensation: $ 44,190

60. Amazon’s best work from home. Amazon has loads of jobs for stay-at-home moms. Variable salary

61. Network Marketing. Multilevel Marketing (MLM) has detractors and supporters. Research thoroughly before you jump. Variable salary

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