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How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace and Profit From It

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Facebook is not just a social media hub where you can connect with friends and family and join preferred groups. You can also build an e-commerce business on the platform. If you sell products and you’ve been relying on one channel, it’s time to try Facebook Marketplace to diversify your income streams.

Facebook Marketplace is completely free to use and comes with a built-in audience, meaning you have better odds of making a sale. Plus, you don’t need a website to sell on the platform and you can create your listings on the go with the Facebook app.

In this guide, you’ll learn about everything you need to know about Facebook Marketplace and how to sell items on the platform.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an online platform where people buy and sell products on Facebook. Users can buy and sell new and pre-owned items and filter their results by category, price and even location.

Launched in 2016, the peer-to-peer platform has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Facebook has roughly 2.8 billion active monthly users and 800 million Marketplace users per month.

If you have an active Facebook account, you’ve probably come across products sold on the platform 一 that’s Facebook Marketplace. Like Craigslist and eBay, you can buy and sell anything, including clothes, cars, electronics, pet supplies and more.

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

Facebook Marketplace works almost the same as eBay Marketplace, only that it charges zero fees and it’s pretty easy to set up a listing. Plus, the platform is way safer than other e-commerce marketplaces. To get started, you only need an active Facebook account. You can then set up your Marketplace and list the items you would like to sell.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace: Complete Guide

Facebook Marketplace is built on desktop and mobile, and it’s pretty easy to set up. In fact, you can start selling right away — especially if you list high-demand products. Here are five easy steps that will help you make your first sale and help you discover how to get paid on Facebook Marketplace.

1. Set Up Facebook Marketplace Account

Setting up Facebook Marketplace is pretty easy as long as you have an active Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one by going to and clicking “Create Account.”

Once you log into your Facebook account, you should see the Marketplace tab on the left-hand side of the homepage. If you can’t see it on the menu, click the “see more button” and scroll until you find the Marketplace icon.

After that, you need to create your first listing. You can choose a listing type from the various available options. Next, fill out the following information about your listing:

  • Add pics: The product photos should be high quality and taken from all angles.
  • Create your listing title: Search engine optimization isn’t only for websites — it also applies to Facebook Marketplace. Optimize your listing with the main keyword to rank on search results.
  • Relevant product tags: Add relevant product tags to your listing. These tags act as additional search terms that buyers are likely to use when finding a product.
  • Price: Set a reasonable price for your products.
  • Rental: Facebook lets you target buyers from a specific location, age and interests.
  • Delivery method: You’ll need to specify the delivery method — either shipping only, pick up only or both. This will help you target both local and remote customers.

You can also list your products in the various Facebook categories, including:

  • Clothing and accessories
  • Vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Classifieds
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Housing
  • Furniture
  • home and garden
  • Deals and more!

Once you’re done creating your listing, click “Publish,” and your Facebook Marketplace listing will be live.

2. Identify the Products You Want To Sell

Before you even set up a Facebook marketplace, you should of course first know what you want to sell. While you can practically sell anything — including pre-owned items — you want to look for products with high demand.

Research high-demand products that sell best on Facebook Marketplace. All you need to do is hop onto the Marketplace and see some of the popular items in your niche. You can do this by selecting categories to see the best sellers.

By looking at your competitor’s best-selling products, you’ll get an idea of ​​supply and demand and how you can stand out from the crowd.

3. Sourcing Products To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

The next step is to source products. If you have no idea where to source products you would like to sell on the Marketplace, here are a few ways to do this.

Consider Private Label Products

A private label product is a unique item you can sell under your own brand. If you’re hearing about private label products for the first time, know that it’s one of the proven avenues to make more sales. Therefore, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell private label products.

Apart from creating your own unique brand, this concept comes with several other benefits, including the ability to sell items that no one else does. This gives you an edge over your competitors. Plus, you can save money when you source your products overseas.

If you want the opportunity to sell your favorite items without the hassle of manufacturing them yourself, private label is the way to go.

Look for Clearance or Sales from Retail Stores

Retail arbitrage is the first thing that should hit your mind when it comes to sourcing products. You can buy products at a relatively lower price and resell them for a profit. Once in a while, retail stores will have clearance or sales 一 utilize this opportunity to source products.

Best Things To Sell On Facebook

Here are some of the best products to sell on Facebook:

  • All things kids: Kids stuff, including clothing, shoes, toys, sell best on Facebook Marketplace and parents groups.
  • Gadget accessories: Things like chargers, power banks, earphones, headphones and more are likely to sell more because these are items that people use almost daily.
  • Pre-owned items: Any item you no longer use will probably fetch you a decent amount of money on Facebook Marketplace.

Take Advantage of Facebook Selling Groups

Before you start selling on Facebook Marketplace, you need to identify leading Facebook selling groups. Search for buy and sell groups within your community and join them. Once approved, you can post the products you’d like to sell on the group. But, ensure that the group allows selling to avoid being banned.

4. Close the Sale

Potential buyers will likely start streaming into your Marketplace once your listing is up for sale on Facebook. Be sure to download the Facebook Messenger app on your phone to avoid missing out on potential buyers’ messages. Also, check your message request folder in your inbox regularly for those that might not make it past the filter.

Like any other marketplace, you’ll meet different kinds of people 一 some calm and others more demanding. You need to know how to handle all customers in a respectful manner, regardless of the circumstance.

5. Increase Your Facebook Marketplace Sales

Increase your Facebook Marketplace sales using the following effective strategies.

Facebook Ads

Now that you’ve done your research and there’s a strong interest in your niche, you can boost your product listings using Facebook Ads. This will not only help you reach a wider audience but also increase your return on investment. Using ads will also let you retarget your past customers.

Improve Your Photos

Visual appearance is the key deciding factor that customers use before making a purchase. If your images are blurry, it’s time to improve your photos. You don’t even need to hire a photographer. Provided that you have a smartphone, you can capture visually appealing images from all angles. Make sure you upload listing images to Facebook’s recommended size of 2048 px wide or smaller to get the best quality.

Post Your Listing on Facebook Selling Groups Near You

Posting your listings on local selling groups within your community is another way to boost your Marketplace sales. But don’t forget to renew your post every seven days if it has not sold. By doing so, your listing can continue appearing in top search results.

take away

Facebook Marketplace is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to build an e-commerce business. With Facebook’s giant reach, you can start selling right away without spending a dime building an e-commerce website. All you need to do is follow the above steps and you could have money rolling in the same day.

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