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List of Best Companies for Remote Workers: Apply Now – Quartz

Whether fully or partially remote, the best companies for remote workers don’t just create digital replicas of physical offices. They understand that remote working requires new standards and policies that help people in remote jobs succeed, no matter where they are or how far away they may be from the organization’s power centers.

Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers, now in its second year, is a membership-based global ranking to recognize employers who set the standard for distributed work. The list is determined by surveys of employers and employees conducted by the Best Companies Group.

Check out our FAQs for eligibility and submit your business to be considered one of the best Quartz companies for remote workers. The registration deadline is March 16, 2022.

Want to know more about the program?

🏬 Consult the inaugural list of companies presented here.

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Is my business eligible?

Organizations must have at least 25 permanent full-time employees to participate and at least 25 permanent full-time employees working remotely. If an employer has more than 100 permanent full-time employees, at least 25% of those employees must work remotely for the company to be eligible.

“Remote work” is defined, for the purposes of this program, as working away from a traditional office at least 75% of the time, in a workspace that is neither affiliated nor provided by the employer. .

Why should my business participate?

Remote work helps attract the best talent, wherever they are. Beyond a source of pride, the distinction of being on Quartz’s list of the best places to work remotely will help potential future employees around the world understand your company’s brand and its approach to remote working.

What are the details of how I submit / enter?

When you enter the program, Best Companies Group (BCG) will contact your company and organize a two-part survey (multiple languages ​​will be available). In the first part, the employer fills out a questionnaire about its policies, practices, benefits and the demographics of its employees. In Part 2, BCG will conduct online employee engagement and satisfaction surveys to collect detailed data on each participating company, across a range of categories determined by Quartz.

Employees complete a detailed statement survey using a 5-point scale ranging from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree”. The survey also includes several demographic and open-ended questions. Temporary or seasonal employees, per diems, independent contractors (1099), interns and consultants are not counted as permanent full or part time employees and are not included in the survey process.

Only remote workers will be included in the employee survey process.

Best Companies Group analyzes the data and determines the rankings, which will be published in Quartz at Work, the edition of Quartz in the modern workplace.

What is the best group of companies?

Best Companies Group is an independent research company specializing in identifying and recognizing the best workplaces. He manages programs around the world, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

How much does it cost to participate?

Participation in the online survey is free. All participating companies then have the option of purchasing their BCG Insights report pack, detailing responses from company employees, as well as national employee and employer credentials.

What is your policy on sharing confidential employee information?

Through the investigation and research process, Best Companies Group (BCG) will collect, analyze and evaluate company data and other sensitive information. BCG is committed to respecting the highest levels of confidentiality with regard to participation and the information collected.

BCG only uses employee email addresses for the purpose of sending employee engagement and satisfaction survey invitations. BCG does not sell or trade email addresses to third parties for any reason. Once the survey process is complete, the submitted email addresses are deleted.

At no time will person or company specific information and data collected as part of the Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey be disclosed to any third party, for any reason, without l ‘prior written authorization from the participating company. Data collected from the group as a whole, through the employee survey process, will be used in group benchmarking reports and for trending purposes.

For the sole purpose of the publication of the “Best” lists and special sections, BCG will provide the authorized media partner with employer information to assist in the development of the special publication, website and / or recognition event. . The information disseminated will be limited to the data collected by the employer’s questionnaire. Any such information used in a public forum will be of a positive nature and will only reflect positively about the business.

Information regarding a company’s participation in current or past years will not be disclosed unless the company has made the list and this distinction has been made public.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy information, please call the Best Companies Group toll-free number at (877) 455-2159.

When will I know if my business is on the list?

Quartz will release the results in September 2022.

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