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Many remote workers also have a 2nd job

Remote work has given many professionals the ability to collect two paychecks at once.

Remote work has given many professionals the ability to collect two paychecks at once.

A survey of 1,250 U.S. adults working full-time remotely by found that 69% had a second job that was part-time or even full-time, with 45% saying the second job was also remote, 32% claiming it was an in-person job. , and 23% say it’s a hybrid schedule.

And despite what may seem like doing a lot more work, the survey also found that 47% of remote workers who doubled their jobs say they work 40 hours or less per week at both jobs combined.

It would also appear that these remote workers are doing the work of one employer at the expense of the other employer, at least some of the time. But working remotely makes those who do it think outside of the 9 to 5 norm.

“If we keep the mindset of 40 hours a week full time then yes I would say that is what is happening. results and less results-driven. And if they can create that value in fewer hours, as long as they meet expectations, that shouldn’t be a problem,” said Dennis Consorte of

Working two remote jobs requires a lot of organization. Without organizational skills, doubling up on jobs will end up hurting the employer.

“There may be situations where you need to make a decision on which business to prioritize. So if you have two deadlines at the same time and you only have the bandwidth to meet one of them , then of course that’s a major problem,” Consorte said.

Consorte said unless there’s a conflict of interest or a company policy against him, or the work is for a competitor, he doesn’t think employees have an obligation to disclose the additional work. He also said employers with remote workers should assume they are looking for additional opportunities.

Many people who work two jobs do not need to apply for permission. The survey found that three out of four with two jobs run their own business as one of them.

Working two jobs remotely can actually increase productivity, with 49% of respondents believing they are more productive.

Young professionals were more likely to hold two jobs. Half of all respondents say they do it to earn extra money. Other reasons include gaining more work experience or pursuing a career they are more passionate about.

The online survey commissioned by was conducted by Pollfish on October 4-5. The results are published online.

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