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Some pay more than $ 70,000 per year

1. Customer service advocate

Customer service advocates respond to customer inquiries and requests and ensure their needs are met. They advocate for the client’s case with senior management and help them resolve issues.

Average national salary: $ 36,900, according to

2. Human resources assistant

Human resources assistants are responsible for many administrative tasks in HR service, including scheduling appointments, orienting new hires and updating company employment information.

Average national salary: $ 41,800, according to Indeed

3. Sales development representative

A sales development representative helps a company’s sales team generate and find leads by researching leads in their industry and reaching out to potential customers.

Average national salary: $ 44,600, according to PayScale

4. Accounts receivable clerk

An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for bookkeeping duties such as receiving billing information and invoicing from customers, maintaining accounting records and making bank deposits.

Average national salary: $ 49,200, according to Indeed

5. Email Marketing Associate

Email Marketing Associates take the reins of a company’s email communications with current and potential customers. They create email marketing campaigns informing customers of upcoming events and new products, manage and develop email databases, and write newsletters.

Average national salary: $ 49,600, according to

6. Contact tracer

Contact tracers have become essential in helping to thwart the spread of the coronavirus. Contact tracers work with patients infected with the virus to identify anyone with whom they have come in contact. They then contact those people and guide them to make sure no one else is exposed.

Average national salary: $ 50,100, according to Indeed

7. Junior subscriber

Junior underwriters work in financial institutions and assist senior underwriters through the loan approval process. They review customer inquiries, assess credit reports, and resolve issues throughout the process.

Average national salary: $ 58,400, according to Indeed

8. Quality assurance data engineer

Data Quality Assurance Engineers take care of the technical side of product development. They test a company’s software products, follow product development, identify product issues along the way, and find ways to resolve them.

Average national salary: $ 70,400, according to PayScale

9. Quality assurance analyst

Quality assurance analysts help an organization’s IT department identify and resolve problems with the company’s software products. They audit and test the software, examine its user experience, and troubleshoot issues with help from IT.

Average national salary: $ 72,800, according to ZipRecruiter

10. Webinar producer

Webinar producers plan digital events for businesses, such as product launches. They take on tasks such as planning rehearsals for the event, preparing speakers in advance, and managing the technology to record the presentation.

Average national salary: $ 75,700, according to ZipRecruiter

Apply for jobs like the ones above on sites like Monster, FlexJobs, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and LinkedIn. If you are not sure whether a job is offered remotely, be sure to mention it during the interview process.

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