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These 12 entry-level jobs can be done remotely and are now hiring

If you are at the start of your career and know you would love to work remotely, there have never been so many opportunities.

Remote working has increased during the coronavirus pandemic and is expected to last even after the crisis ends, according to a June Conference Board investigation. Workers prefer change – 65% said they would like to become full-time remote employees after the pandemic, and 31% would like a hybrid work plan, according to a September poll from FlexJobs, a site of job dedicated to remote and flexible work. job.

The number of remote jobs posted online has also increased, according to, a sister site of FlexJobs that focuses on work that is not location specific.

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“We’ve seen an increase in remote job postings, more and more companies coming in to post jobs remotely, new businesses that haven’t necessarily posted jobs remotely before,” said Brie Reynolds. , career specialist at “It’s a concept that people need to be pretty comfortable with, because even when the pandemic is over most indications are that employers will continue to hire remotely, at least to some extent.”

This means that while starting a new job without an office can be odd, being comfortable with it now could pay off in the future.

Remote jobs recruiting right now

Many of the best remote jobs right now on are either in technology or communications, Reynolds said, citing data and IT jobs and customer service-focused jobs on the job. listing. But due to the pandemic, there are some jobs available – as a nurse or an English teacher – that are traditionally not far off, according to Reynolds.

The pandemic has also added a never-before-seen position to the list of remote jobs – contact tracer.

“We’ve really never really seen these jobs before,” Reynolds said. “It wasn’t until this year that remote jobs in this region saw the light of day.”

According to, these 12 jobs are both 100% remote, without location specificity and actively hiring since October 14.

  1. Accounts receivable specialist
  2. Line of care nurse, on-site solutions
  3. Sales development representative
  4. QA Data Engineer
  5. contact tracer
  6. Virtual workshop producer
  7. Customer support advocate
  8. Representative test master files
  9. Email Marketing Associate
  10. Human Resources Assistant
  11. quality analyst
  12. english teacher

How to get remote work

According to Reynolds, when applying for a completely remote job, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure to include any distance experience you have in your resume, including schooling. If you’ve “done your last semesters in college remotely and you’ve, you know, communicated with people that way, collaborated with people at a distance, that absolutely counts as a remote experience,” Reynolds said. .

It is also helpful to rate communication skills on a variety of digital platforms and highlight which ones you have used. Proof of being an organized and self-employed worker will also help your application stand out, Reynolds said.

If you’re invited for an interview, it will likely be in a virtual setting, but applicants should clarify the exact format, according to Reynolds. If an interview is taking place on a video conferencing platform, ask if you should have your camera on, to avoid any misunderstanding.

It’s also helpful to know that “you can actually practice using this type of format on your own,” Reynolds said.

Applicants should also exercise caution when applying for remote jobs online, as bogus employment scams – especially for contact tracing positions – have increased, Reynolds said.

It is “a double-edged sword,” she said. “This is a great position when you find the legitimate ones, but you should be aware that there are many scams for contact tracers.”

To avoid falling victim to a scam, be sure to thoroughly research the company that displays the position you have applied for and beware of anyone who asks for personal information early in the application process. candidacy.

How to succeed in teleworking

If you’ve landed a job entirely from a distance, remember that the start will likely be different from any other work experience you’ve had.

“Mentally prepare yourself that it won’t be the same as starting any other job you started when you were in person,” Reynolds said, adding that you might feel isolated at first.

Make sure to be proactive in communicating with your new team and to introduce yourself virtually, she said. It can also be helpful to clarify with your teammates and your manager how the team generally communicates. Are you expected to check in often? Does the team work via email, video, or another platform like Slack?

Knowing these things will help you stay on the same page as your colleagues, Reynolds said. She also recommends asking to be assigned a buddy from day one – not your manager or in human resources – as a point of reference to help you get on board and answer all of your questions.


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