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What is happening in the job market? Parkview Health recruiter shares insights and opportunities

In Morgan White’s 10 years of work at Parkview Health, she has never seen a job market like this. With more than 13,000 colleagues, Parkview is Northeast Indiana’s largest employer, and the health care system currently has a record number of openings.

Contribution Fort Wayne asked White, a supervisor of the Talent Acquisition team, to provide some insight into what’s going on in the recruiting world.

IFW: Describe the current job market. What about your perspective, as an employer right now?

MW: For employers, it has become a very competitive market. There are so many jobs out there right now, from entry level to professional career opportunities. Employers need to be creative about what they can offer candidates.

Interest in remote working has also increased competition among employers, so we are not only competing with local employers, but also with employers across the country. For this reason, I think candidates have more opportunities at this time to step into a new role.

IFW: What is Parkview doing to be competitive?

MW: In order to remain competitive, we have adjusted the salary scales for all our positions and increased our minimum hourly rate. We have also improved our connection bonuses for market sensitive positions, in particular nursing care. Many of our candidates come from colleague referrals, so we have also enhanced our internal colleague referral bonus program.

Parkview also offers competitive educational benefits. Colleagues who wish to continue their studies are entitled to assistance with tuition fees and reimbursement of certification, as well as reimbursement of the student loan for certain positions. We’re also partnering with Ivy Tech on their Achieve your Degree program, where Parkview covers tuition fees up front, removing a significant barrier for colleagues wishing to continue their education.

Aside from compensation, we are offering more remote work opportunities and flexible hours for positions that cannot be remote. Our in-house nursing-on-the-go program, for example, allows nurses to complete 13-week assignments and work in different areas of the healthcare system. Nurses who live outside of the local area may also be eligible for hotel accommodation while on assignment.

Over the past 18 months we have also focused on providing more supportive resources to our colleagues, such as additional childcare benefits with, free subscriptions to the Calm app and additional mental health and wellness resources.

IFW: We know that every health system needs nurses. What other roles people might not be fulfilling are also in high demand?

MW: We have a variety of clinical positions open across the healthcare system including Laboratory Scientists, Phlebotomists, Radiologic Technologists, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Diagnostic Ultrasound Technologists, Echocardiographers, Occupational Therapists / Physiotherapists, sports coaches, medical assistants, paramedics, paramedics, social workers / therapists, and others. All of these positions offer an enhanced login bonus.

We also have several non-clinical positions including Coding Specialists, Pharmacy Technicians, Financial Coordinators, Cooks, Registered Dietitians, Environmental Service Technicians, Patient Planning / Access Representatives, Collectors insurance, multiple roles in information technology and many other opportunities. Many of these positions also offer an enhanced login bonus.

IFW: What are you looking for when considering potential candidates?

MW: Our goal is to have the right people in the right roles to do the right job. First, we seek to ensure that they meet the minimum qualifications for the position. We like to see the longevity of applicants’ work histories and that their experience matches the position they are applying for. Typically, we conduct a telephone interview to select applicants and look for individuals who demonstrate attributes of compassion, customer focus, flexibility / adaptability, teamwork, and work ethic. Basically, we want people who share Parkview’s values ​​and who want to provide excellent care to every person every day.

IFW: What advice would you give to someone applying for a job right now?

MW: Pay attention to the details. Attach a curriculum vitae to your application. Be available by phone, email or SMS and respond quickly. Configure your voicemail to receive messages. We cannot give you the opportunity to interview if we cannot reach you!

Plus, apply for any positions that interest you. With tracking systems, your application can only be sent to certain recruiters or hiring managers. By applying for multiple positions, you can make yourself more marketable in the recruiting process.

The Parkview interview process includes an initial telephone interview with Parkview Talent Acquisition, an initial interview with the manager, and a peer-to-peer interview with members of the service team.

If you are looking for new opportunities, now is the time to see what Parkview has to offer. Visit to apply.


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